Calls on Congress to Provide $2 Billion in Funding Necessary to Implement Reforms Nationwide

Washington, D.C. — After U.S. Senate leaders negotiated a nearly $2 trillion emergency relief package in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Jana Morgan, the campaign director for the Declaration for American Democracy, issued the statement below on theelection assistance provisions included:

“We thank Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer’s continued efforts to protect voting rights during the global COVID-19 pandemic. After countless calls from concerned citizens and organizations like those in Declaration for American Democracy, the initial paltry offering from Senate Republicans has been increased nearly threefold to $400 million. This critical election assistance can and should be used by states to increase vote- by-mail, expand early voting and online registration and increase the safety of voting in-person by providing additional voting facilities and more poll-workers.

“However, this funding falls short of the $2 billion investment called for by organizations around the country. The November election is quickly approaching and it is imperative Congress provides the necessary funding to transform our election system to respond to this crisis, and ensure voting remains fair, accessible, and safe. While this recovery package is a step in the right direction, we strongly urge Senate and House leaders to provide the additional funds for states and localities in the next package to ensure these vital reforms can be effectively implemented.”

About the Declaration for American Democracy

The Declaration for American Democracy is a diverse coalition of more than 145 democracy, environmental, labor, faith-based, good government, civil rights, and other groups focused on advancing the structural changes necessary to ensure our democracy reflects, responds to, and represents voters.