Statement from Jana Morgan, Director of the Declaration for American Democracy—a coalition of more than 240 organizations representing tens of millions of Americans nationwide— in response to Senator Sinema’s remarks today on the Senate floor:

“Over the coming days, Senator Sinema faces a critical choice: will she prioritize our country’s future by choosing to protect the freedom to vote or an arcane Senate loophole?

Ensuring the ability for every American to participate in safe, accessible, and transparent elections is more important to the continuity of our democracy than strict adherence to outdated Senate rules that give outsized power to a minority to obstruct legislation that the majority of Americans support. 

“Sen. Sinema also has a duty to deliver for Arizonans, who overwhelmingly support national standards to ensure that voters can freely and safely cast their ballots. Without action, Republican-controlled state legislatures, including the anti-voter legislature in Arizona, will continue to pass extreme anti-voter laws that will block access to the ballot box and silence our voices.

“If Sen. Sinema votes against restoring the Senate to protect the freedom to vote, she will go down in history as the Senator who ensured the irreversible fall of American democracy. It will also enshrine her legacy as empowering Sen. McConnell to destroy American democracy for his own political gain.

“Sen. Sinema, we must know: do you support the freedom to vote? Now is the moment to be on the right side of history. Please vote yes to change the Senate rules and bring us closer to a democracy that protects the voice and vote of every American.”