#DemocracyOpenMic is a social media campaign that lets you use your creativity to make your voice heard on the urgent need to protect our vote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

No one should be forced to choose between protecting their health and participating in our democracy, but that’s the choice many are facing during the coronavirus crisis. The disastrous primary elections in Wisconsin and Georgia demonstrate the urgent need for Congress to act now to #ProtectOurVote.

In May, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act. This COVID-19 stimulus bill includes $3.6 billion in funding for states to implement:

Vote-By-Mail | Mandatory Early Voting | Clean and Safe Polling Locations | Online and Same Day Voter Registration | Accessibility Options for Voters | And Much More 

But the Senate has yet to act to secure our elections. That’s why we need you, your passion and creativity to urge your Senators to protect our democracy.

Choose from the variety of options below to do your part in the fight to ensure that all Americans can safely vote this year.

Please note: By participating in#DemocracyOpenMic you permit the Declaration for American Democracy to use your creations in our coalition’s social media posts, either by itself or as part of a compilation. Please contact aswar@dfadcoalition.org with any questions.

Record a Video

Its simple — and it has a major impact! A quick video recording of yourself, speaking to the camera, can go to millions of people across the country.

1. Think of what you want to say. You could talk about why you’re concerned about restricted voting (like we’ve seen in Wisconsin, Georgia and Kentucky) especially during a pandemic.
2. Get your smartphone or video camera.
3. Record yourself!
4. Post it on your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Make sure to tag #DemocracyOpenMic, #ProtectOurVote@DFADCoalition and your Senators in your tweet/post!

Take a Selfie w/ a Sign

A picture is worth a thousand words — but let’s add some words onto a sign, just to be safe! These selfies taken with a handwritten sign work super-well on social, so…

1. Make a sign that expresses your thoughts.
2. Take a selfie with that sign.
3. Post it on your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Make sure to tag #DemocracyOpenMic, #ProtectOurVote, @DFADCoalition and your Senators in your tweet/post!

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