Get Involved!

Endorsers are welcome to attend planning meetings and join committees.
General Planning Meetings are Thursdays at 4pm ET

List of Action Committees

Votercade Committee meets Wednesdays, at 4pm ET.

Sets up and supports votercades throughout the country.  
Reviews votercades interested, potential locations and determine viability.  
Press Conferences and local media before Votercades
Provide car signs for participants
sets up “Voter Celebration Villages.”
national and local materials regarding HR1/S1 and HR4.
Canvassing of areas before & during votercades
local organizers set up routes for votercades

Teach-In & Curriculum meets Tuesdays at 4:30 PM ET

Develops curriculum/topics to be broadcast nationally
Setting up “pods” of learning opportunities on S1, HR4 and Police Reform and various issues of concern and historical events.
Identify the Teachers/faculty for the Teach-In Institute
Identifies Supreme Court cases, state and federal legislation to share with students.
This is an ongoing Committee throughout the year
Develops a program that creates a certificate of completion of the Civil Rights/Voting Rights Academy

National Broadcast meets Tuesdays at 4:30 PM ET

This committee will set up the national broadcast of all votercades occurring across America.
Opens JLDOA with virtual Teach In
Responsible for virtual National Speakers/Performers during broadcast
Coordinates the unification of all votercades, Teach Ins and Social Media
Determines strategy to reach national broadcasting interests
Identifies local media for Votercades and JLDOA

Social Media & Communications meets Wednesdays at 2pm ET

Coordinates to create outreach/publicity/marketing through all social media platforms
Develop micro website for JDLOA and Teach In Institute
Develops platform to show all votercades of May 8, 2021
Develops social media platform to publicize the national Teach-In Institute throughout the year

Fundraising Committee – Contact Jonah at
Structure a budget to reach goals of the JLDOA
Identify revenue sources
Develop budget to provide tee-shirts, buttons and supplies needed to promote JLDOA and Teach-In Institute
Identify funding source for continuing Teach-In Institute

Ahmaud Arbery “#Vote4Justice” Birthday Celebration Committee

Special votercade dedicated to Ahmaud Arbery held in Brunswick, GA
Votercade ends at the Ahmaud Arbery Mural
Special recognition of the Arbery family
Virtual Activism Village” begins at the Arbery Mural
George Floyd, Elijah McClain, Breonna Taylor family members to be present at the Ahmaud Arbery Birthday Celebration
#SayHerName to be represented
Flowers presented at the Arbery Mural