In response to Senate Republicans’ blockage of a procedural vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, Jana Morgan, director of the Declaration for American Democracy coalition—a group of 240+ organizations representing tens of millions of Americans nationwide that is leading the charge to push for passage of the Freedom to Vote Act—issued the following statement:

“Once again, Senate Republicans have used the filibuster loophole to block even having a debate on transformative voting rights legislation and continue to enable anti-voter bills and partisan gerrymandering across the country. For the third time this year, all 50 Senate Democrats have voted to advance bold voting rights legislation, and after Senate Republicans have yet again clearly shown they refuse to come to the table in good faith, Senate Democrats must act swiftly to finish the job of protecting the people’s freedom to vote.

“The Freedom to Vote Act is the most significant voting rights bill in generations. It would ensure equal access to the ballot for all Americans, stop partisan gerrymandering, and limit the influence of dark money so that billionaires can’t buy elections.

“No matter where we live or what our background, we all deserve a fair say in the big issues that affect our lives, like affordable health care, good jobs, and quality education. Without protections guaranteed by this bill, our freedom to vote remains under attack and in the hands of elected officials who often mis-use their power.

“At this pivotal turning point for our nation, the Senate must do whatever it takes to bring us closer to a multi-racial democracy that truly serves and represents us. We urge Senate Democrats and President Biden to pass the Freedom to Vote Act immediately and remove outdated procedures or loopholes like the Jim Crow filibuster that stand in their way.”