July 18, 2023

***Press Statement***

The Declaration for American Democracy Coalition Celebrates Introduction of Freedom to Vote Act

On Tuesday July 18th, U.S. Representative John Sarbanes (D-MD) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced the Freedom to Vote Act (H.B.11/S.1). This bill would help realize the promise of American democracy by reducing the influence of big money in politics, guaranteeing that congressional districts are drawn to give fair representation for all, and creating national standards for federal elections to uphold our freedom to vote.

The need to repair our democracy has become even more evident in recent months with a with a near record number of restrictive, anti-voter bills introduced so far in 2023, with at least 11 states enacting 13 restrictive voting laws that would create deliberate barriers for eligible voters to access the ballot box, disproportionately impacting voters of color. Now more than ever, the Declaration for American Democracy, a coalition of over 260 local, state, and national organizations, are calling on Congress and President Biden to do everything in their power to support this landmark legislation.

The Freedom to Vote Act is a bold, transformative democracy reform package that would clean up our political system, combat the influence of big money in politics, hold elected officials accountable for corruption, expand and protect voting rights, and create a democracy that values the voices of all Americans. In order to make progress on all of the issues facing our communities, we must ensure we have a democracy that is responsive and representative of the American people

“Today’s introduction of the Freedom to Vote Act is the first step to injecting a renewed commitment to democratic principles,” said Christine Wood and Allison Pulliam, co-directors of the Declaration for American Democracy coalition. “We believe every eligible voter should have their vote counted, every candidate should be able to run without caving in to big influence and big money, and every elected official should be beholden to constituents first. The Freedom to Vote Act is a step in the right direction.”

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The Declaration for American Democracy is a diverse coalition of over 260 democracy, environmental, labor, faith-based, good government, women’s rights, civil rights, and other groups focused on advancing the structural changes necessary to ensure our democracy reflects, responds to, and represents voters.