September 20, 2022

Contacts: Katie Andriulli,

Declaration for American Democracy Coalition Urges Senate To Take Up DISCLOSE Act

President Biden delivered a powerful speech today endorsing the passage of the DISCLOSE Act, which the Senate is expected to act on this week. The bill would help restore much-needed transparency to our political process by requiring entities to disclose their major political donors. In response, Allison Pulliam, Co-Director of DFAD issued the following statement:

“Voters deserve to know which billionaires and corporations are using secret money to unfairly influence our politics. The DISCLOSE Act would take crucial steps toward making the promise of democracy real for us all by shining a bright light on anonymous donations that corrupt our political system. Without this transparency, action on climate change, gun reform, and access to healthcare — things that most Americans want — will remain out of reach.”

“We can’t afford to kick the can down the road when our democracy is at stake. We stand with the President in urging Congress to pass this critical legislation without delay.”