Statement from Jana Morgan, Director of the Declaration for American Democracy—a coalition of more than 240 organizations representing tens of millions of Americans nationwidein response to President Biden’s remarks today in Georgia where he outlined his support for reforming Senate rules in order to pass legislation to protect the freedom to vote:

“We applaud President Biden and Vice President Harris for voicing their support for making needed changes to the outdated and dysfunctional Senate rules to ensure we can pass critical legislation to protect each American’s voice and right to vote. Now, we want to see President Biden put the full power of the Presidency behind those words: we must see action.  

“As one of the most significant voting rights bills in generations, the Freedom to Vote Act will ensure equal access to the ballot for all Americans, stop partisan gerrymandering that draws unfair congressional districts that deny people fair representation, and limit the influence of dark money so that billionaires can’t buy elections.

“The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act will restore key provisions of the Voting Rights Act to defend against the wave of anti-voter laws passing in statehouses across the country, and protect voters from racist discrimination at the polls.

“To pass these critical bills, Majority Leader Schumer and the Senate must reform its broken system that has long blocked legislation to protect our freedom to vote. We cannot allow Senator McConnell to delay this bill through pretend negotiations and cynical stall tactics. Every minute we delay passing this popular legislation, partisan lawmakers and dark money groups will continue to enact laws that put up deliberate barriers to the ballot box to silence the voices of Black, brown, indigenous, and young Americans.

“Leader Schumer’s deadline of Martin Luther King Day for a vote on these bills is quickly approaching. We must see every Senator stand up and be counted as to where they stand on protecting our sacred right to vote. This is a legacy moment. The Senate must pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act now.”